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Shekinah Fellowship
Long Beach, California

This webpage is dedicated to the Lord and for all the faithful people that participated in Shekinah Fellowship.

What was so unique about Shekinah were the people, young and old, who participated in a miraculous time.

They gave completely of themselves and
were fully dedicated to the Lord..... This was a movement that turned people's lives around for the good, showing Love and compassion to a hurting world.

I wanted to share with you some photos and stories about the people that made an impact on my life.

I'm very glad that I was a part of this ministry because it brought divine healing into my life.
This profoundly changed me.

The examples of many of these fine people taught me how to minister to others in a loving, kind and gentle way....

I will also show you times of relaxation and love after the services, a photo gallery of some of my favorite photos. I'm hoping that as others who participated in this ministry see this webpage that they will send in their stories and photos to share with you what this ministry meant to them.
Susan Dixon

Photo Gallery